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No crying over spilled… apple juice

This is probably one of the biggest tips I can give for wintertime fun in Michigan. Seriously, this is huge: when your mittenKidz are inside warming up from the cold and are basking in the warm trickle of hot cocoa (or any beverage) down their little mittenKidz throats, never leave anything on the table. I mean this quite literally. Hats. Mittens. Helmets and goggles. All of these should be placed elsewhere — underneath the table or each person’s chair, on a neighboring table… anywhere but on the top of the table or counter at which your entourage is seated. For despite not being invited, Murphy always has a way of inviting himself to the party, and he is there to ensure that at least one of your goslings, if not more, will spill darn near the entire contents of his or her cocoa mug.

“For despite not being invited, Murphy always
has a way of inviting himself to the party…

I was reminded of this while skiing at Boyne Mountain this past weekend. There we sat, nine of us, at lunchtime, rosy-cheeked from a fabulous morning on the slopes that was more than worthy of our appetites. Not three minutes after I advised the group that our mid-table mountain of mittens and helmets would be better off under our chairs, my son spilled the majority of the contents of his 15-oz container of apple juice all over the table. Luckily, not 2.5 minutes prior, everyone had heeded my advice, which meant that no one was forced to spend any amount of time in front of the restroom hand dryer and could head back out on the slopes immediately and apple-juice free. Gotta love that Murphy.

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