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Things we love…

It’s March and still very much winter in some parts of our state, while closing in on spring in others. Here’s a little “Things We Love” for mittenKidz parents that’s a gotta-have any time of the year:

For active parents-to-be or ones with a young one(s) in tow, we cannot sing the praises of our Chariot carrier enough. It is the Pocket Fisherman of baby joggers/strollers…

During the warm months, we use it as an ATV baby stroller (I’d be lying if I said it’s seen much use as a jogger — my sister got the running genes, not so much me), utilizing it both for strolls in our subdivision and treks on the wider hiking trails in our area. With the acquisition of a Chariot bike trailer conversion kit, our little handy dandy Chariot stroller becomes a tag-along bike trailer (complete with an orange safety flag — we’re officially parental safety geeks) and is perfect for our local rails-to-trails community bike trails.

But wait, there’s more: Come winter, the Chariot carrier can be converted into a cross-country skiing pull sled.

The only downside is the expense. It’s a little hefty considering you initially just purchase the chassis, and all of the components that make it usable — whether a stroller, jogger, bike trailer or ski sled — have to be purchased separately. But it’s worth it. In addition to the coolness of allowing active parents to include and introduce their wee ones to their favorite pastimes, if you were to purchase separate gear for each of these activities you’d end up likely spending more, not to mention wind up having to build a second garage. And hey, you save money on babysitters, too. (Hmmm. Would make a great group shower gift for the active MittenParents-to-be you know…)

Any good bike shop should carry the Chariot line. Outdoor retailers like REI do too, and are a good resource for accessories. To learn more, go to Chariot’s website at

I welcome your feedback!

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