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Summer 2013 bucket list

Another summer. Another bucket list.

Each year my husband and I make our annual summer bucket list. Summer can seemingly go by so fast, so for us, this list serve two purposes: (1) a true bucket list: Those things we’d like to do by summer’s end, and (2) at the end of the summer we utilize the list as a reminder of how complete our summer was. It never fails to remind us that summer didn’t fly by after all.

Our Summer 2013 Bucket List

  1. Go to The Cherry Bowl Drive-In movie theater (Honor, Michigan)
  2. Watch a Lake Michigan Sunset
  3. Play 18 holes of golf, sans kids
  4. Play three to four holes of golf with the kids
  5. Bike ride the Heritage Trail (near Sleeping Bear Dunes)
  6. Go to Mackinac Island and ride around the island via bike
  7. Ride a ferris wheel and eat corn dogs
  8. Go camping to one of Michigan’s state parks with the kids (fellow campers be warned)
  9. Camp in our backyard
  10. Get our treat fix at The Alpine Chocolat Haus (specifically, Bruce’s Gourmet Caramel Corn)
  11. Tube The Platte River
  12. Sand castles at Elberta Beach

With a five-year-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old, we obviously have to keep it relatively easy, somewhat close to home, and attractive for short attention spans. And while my husband and I yearn to do the things we used to do before kids – mountain biking, backpacking, roller coasters, and the like — we know that day will come soon enough. For now, we’re simply enjoying the innocent pleasures that come with our sons’ first experiences.

What’s on your bucket list this summer?