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Fish on. A few simple rules for little fisherpeople.

Perch Lake 2013c

We bought some kid-size fishing rod/reel combos yesterday and the boys have been practicing their casting non-stop ever since.

Have a budding fisher? Here are some simple and easy-to-explain fishing rules to share with your little mittenkidz:

  1. Always be careful when casting. Make sure nobody is right behind you or in front of you while releasing the cast. Handle all hooks carefully.
  2. Wear a life jacket whenever you are in a boat or close to the water’s edge.
  3. Know the fishing rules: Have a fishing license where required and know the size and number of fish that you may keep.
  4. Respect the outdoors! Do not litter while fishing and don’t get too close to someone else who is fishing. If you don’t plan to eat the fish you catch, release it as soon as you remove the hook from its mouth.


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