two peninsulas. one big playground.


About mittenkidz

mittenkidz is all about growing up — or not — in Michigan. Whether you’re raising young Michiganders or are a grown up mittenkidz yourself, this site is about sharing those places and activities that are unique to the Great Lakes State. Mostly out-of-doors, some indoors, all of them Pure Michigan.

About the Author

I am a mom. An outdoors girl. And a writer.Pure Michigan fun with the kids I’ve spent almost my entire life playing in Michigan and find it to be one of the most diverse and well-rounded playgrounds in which to grow up, especially for those who refuse to do so. I was fortunate to be born the fourth child of a litter of five. We played hard together, morning ’til night. Born to two parents who loved to take us places. We camped, skied, hiked, swam, and biked our way about Michigan’s two peninsulas. We swam all day and played Kick-the-Can into the night. Naturally, we had no idea how good we had it. As a parent of two now, it’s all making sense to me. And my hope is to share our state’s mittenkidz places, faces and experiences with you.

I welcome your feedback!

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